Formula For Winning

Wellbeing at workplace is always important. Due to Covid-19 fatigue, remote work and leadership challenges, it has become the #1 priority for leaders. Coming from the world of Formula 1, we are the experts of speed, stress and focus. Yet for winning, holistic wellbeing is the key. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you’ll steer the wheel from uncertainty to success.

Winning through wellbeing

During times of uncertainty 1 in 5 of your employees is at a high risk of burnout. And they are often the ones who carry others and the entire organisation. Fortunately, there’s an upside: when you invest in wellbeing, results can be seen immediately and benefit far into the future. With Hintsa, you get lasting results – from recruitment to retention.
For example:
  • People with excellent wellbeing are on average 19% more productive.1
  • Companies with highly engaged employees enjoy 22% higher profitability.2
  • 89% of employees whose wellbeing is excellent are satisfied with their job.3

From Formula 1 to Fortune 500

Hintsa Performance is a global leader in human high-performance coaching. For over 20 years, we have proven our science-based methods in the world’s most competitive business and sports environments. All our services are based on our unique Circle of Better Life model covering all key areas of health and wellbeing.

Proven track record:
  • Hintsa-supported F1 drivers have won 98% of the races in the past 7 seasons.
  • Our services are trusted by more than 500 organisations globally.
  • We have delivered over 1000 intensive 1-to-1 coaching programmes.

Hintsa’s Formula for Winning

1. Diagnose & Plan

Assess your organisation’s current state, plan for interventions and measure results with our analytics and advisory services.

2. Motivate & Inspire

Raise awareness and spark motivation inside your organisation with our workshops, webinars, wellbeing events and communications support.

3. Coach & Support

Provide performance coaching services for motivated individuals and involve larger audiences using our bespoke digital tools.

Book your free introduction

Why you should book introduction to Hintsa’s Formula for Winning:

✓ Get a tailored proposal addressing your organisation’s needs.
✓ Learn how other successful companies use Hintsa’s methods.
✓ Hear how you as a leader can lead your own wellbeing.
✓ Doesn’t cost you anything, no strings attached.

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Measurable results



88% ROI for a company-wide wellbeing programme

A financial services company with more than 3000 employees, reached an 88% ROI on their Hintsa programme. Our services comprised of coaching for the 16-strong executive team as well as services for the wider organisation, consisting of workshops, webinars, as well as digital engagement.


Lowering stress and burnout levels in top management

The top management of a global industrial company, made significant improvements in areas related to stress and burnout. The biggest gains came from lowering the general and emotional stress levels. All top managers went through an intensive 12-month Hintsa coaching programme.


Significant improvements in all key areas of health & wellbeing

An international services company, with more than 200 participants, improved in all the elements across Hintsa’s holistic model. Our services included remote coaching with a dedicated Hintsa coach, in-house coaching at the customer, group training sessions as well as joint off-site days.

“Hintsa, a global leader in high-performance coaching for top executives, business professionals and athletes, has created a signature model „The Circle of Better Life“, which helps you to cope with stress factors in your daily busy life.”


“One of the most hotly discussed events at the World Economic Forum was a session on sleep and peak performance. Hintsa’s session was so oversubscribed that the WEF had scheduled a second one for the next day.”​

“Hintsa’s method is based on a simple idea: a better quality of life leads to better performance. Instead of teaching sales techniques or productivity boosting, Hintsa tutors its clients in how to live better, healthier and more fulfilling lives.”



1, 3 O.C. Tanner Institute (2016) The impact of excellent employee wellbeing
Tower Watson and Gallup (2012)